Ice Shard

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Used to Craft

Ice Shard can be used to craft the items below. If you have no need for a Ice Shard, someone else might.

Item Name Classification
Redfield Blue Suit Casual Clothes
Redfield Blue Gloves Gloves
Redfield Blue Shoes Shoes
Iced Worm Dragon Wing Wings
Iced Grace Wing Wings
Iced Lizard Backshield Backshield
Iced Antares Backshield Backshield
Ring of Sharpness Ring
Earring of Sharpness Earrings
Necklace of Sharpness Necklace
Lord Black Sun Sword One-Handed Sword
Forest Hammer One-Handed Blunt Weapon
OverGear Crossbow Crossbow
Giant Sword Two-Handed Sword
Dragon Spear Spear
Dual Stick Bow Bow
Steam Shocker Gun
Mana Cannon Launcher
Ferrell Cannon Launcher
Rune Staff Magic Staff
Sudden Raid Dagger Katar
Vasilis Glaive
Vasilis Glaive

Dropped By

If you're hunting for a Ice Shard, try killing these monsters below. Clicking on the monsters name will show you which maps they can be found in.

Monster Name Monster Level
Slag 78
Elder Slag 82
Tyrant WarShip 114
Tyrant 112
FrostWorm 109
Elder FrostWorm 115
Vulcan 118
Vulcan Leader 125
Winter Maul 114
Winter Maul Leader 122
Basilisk 121
Basilisk Captain 128
Devil Pest Slag 75
Thorn Hound King 63
Little Reindeer 50
Little Reindeer 51
Reindeer 52
Angry Reindeer 53
Thorn Hound 54
Thorn Hound 55
Frozen Thorn 56
Frozen Thorn 57
Little Sabertooth 58
Little Sabertooth 59
Sabertooth 60
Little Frozen Tooth 61
Little Frozen Tooth 62
Little Bebeg 63
Bebeg 64
Bebeg 65
Bebeg Fighter 66
Bebeg Warrior 67
Little Mountain Bebeg 68
Mountain Bebeg Warrior 69
Mountain Bebeg Leader 70
Frozen Tooth 75
Mountain Bebeg 80
Cerberus 130
Icy Tumbler 210
Icy Tumbler Leader 218
Lunar Mauler 226
Ice Mauler 229
Cold Witch 232
Cursed Ice Book 224
Snow Wisp 224
Undead Wizard 235
Crystal Golem 225
Mana Stone 1
Giant Ice Crystal 230

Acquired From

Ice Shard can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Red Box Item Bag