Item Name Description
Yellow Rubber Boots Yellow, waterproof boots that enable its wearer to enjoy rainy days without getting soaked.
Wooden Geta Wooden sandals worn on the beach.
Servant`s Boots Boots typically worn by the caretakers of a nobleman`s mansion.
Boxing Shoes Cheer Up!
Maid Brown Shoes
Bunny Chan Shoes Producing sexy & gorgeous with elegant black.
Iron Geta
Extravagant Wedding Shoes Shoes worn with the extravagant wedding dress.
Fighting Jumpsuit Shoes Shoes worn with the fighting jumpsuit.
Frog Feet Entertain friends and fellow adventurers with this cute animal costume.
Bunny Slippers Cute slippers worn with the bunny pyjama.
Pastry Chef`s Shoes Shoes worn by a pastry chef.
Kodomatchi Shoes Makes you feel like a child again.
Jester Shoes Worn by Jesters to match their outfit.
Tiger Shoes
Racing Boots
Police Shoes
Berry Girl Shoes Worn by females, feel fruity!
Demon Feet
Black Shoes Shoes that are sure to go with many outfits.
Jellyfish Shoes
Red Heels Shoes that will go with most outfits.
Kyudo Sandals
Idol Shoes
Noble Boots
Winged Boots
Panda Slippers
Devil Shoes
Jester Shoes
Wolf Fur Feet
Black Winged Boots
Black Gothic Boots
Red Gothic Boots
Blue Gothic Boots
Alucard`s Boots
Ninja Boots
Black Traitor Shoes
Red Traitor Shoes
Pink Punk Rabbit Shoes
Green Punk Rabbit Shoes
White Noble Boots
Golden Lion Shoes
White Martial Arts Shoes
Blue Martial Arts Shoes
Guardsman Boots
Red Steampunk Shoes
Yellow Steampunk Shoes
Red Moonlight Shoes
Black Moonlight Shoes
Black Punk Rabbit Shoes
Pink Captain`s Boots
Blue Nyanko Shoes
Purple Nyanko Shoes
Red Kimono Shoes
Purple Kimono Shoes
Blue Steampunk Shoes
Green Steampunk Shoes
Frog Rain Boots
Waiter Loafers
Treasure Hunter Boots
Treasure Hunter Boots
Ram Feet
Flower Kabuki Shoes
Phantom Thief Shoes
Captain`s Boots
Brown Cowboy Boots
Cactus Boots
Chained Feet