Item Name Description
Corrupted Sun Backshield This ancient backshield has long been protected by Ra, the Corrupted Sun God, lying deep within the sands of Oro.
Beetle Shell The back part ripped off from a Beetle.
Raccoon Tail A tail ripped off from a Rackie.
Warship Backshield A Backshield that conforms to the user when worn.
Coffin of the Undead
Christmas Wreath A traditional Christmas wreath that will protect its wearer from evil.
Snowflake They say no two Snowflakes are a like, but go ahead and compare this one with your friends, we think you`ll disagree!
Gingerbread Man A cute back item made out of gingerbread in the shape of a stylized human.
Aurum Plate Backshield A golden backshield made from sand crystals and aurum rocks from Oro.
Oro`s Walker Ring Backshield The backshield of the royal mages and clerics of Oro.
Raptor Bones Backshield A backshield which lends you the cunning and protection of a raptor, supposedly.
Crystal Backshield Crystals taken from the depths of the Goblin Caves and infused with Mana, are the materials for this backshield.
Angel Love Wing Worn by angels to spread love.
Electric Guitar Let`s rock this city!
Turtle Backshield A shell used for turtle hermits in training.
Endeavour Backshield A Backshield which protects hardworking people.
Training Backshield A Backshield that protects the rear of a novice in training.
Guard Backshield A Backshield that protects one`s back from danger and threats.
Lion Backshield A Backshield on which the gallant figure of a lion is painted.
Buffalo Backshield A Backshield on which the curse of the raging buffalo has been placed.
Lizard Backshield A Backshield that expresses the nimble movements of a lizard.
Sheath Backshield Worn by brave adventurers to holster their weapons.
Dual Rapier Backshield True duellists favour this backshield, it allows them to be always ready for a duel.
Holy Cross Backshield It is the symbol of an ancient god and was blessed by his highest priests.
Minotaurus Backshield A backshield made from the remains of the legendary Minotaurus. It`s said that it gives the power of a raging bull when worn.
Reckless Antares Backshield A backshield made out of the carcass of the reckless antares king.
Antares Backshield A backshield made out of the carcass of a giant spider.
Castle Gear Backshield A small imitation castle gear that fits on your back.
Totem Backshield This totem contains ancestor spirits of an old Indian tribe. These spirits are meant to protect the wearer from evil ghosts.
Tribal Backshield A highly defensive backshield originally made by the Raknu warrior tribe.
Sanctuary Backshield Crest formed out of swords, once from a noble family.
Marlphos Gleaming Blades A backshield suitable only for courageous adventurers.
Force Ring Backshield A golden spiked ring, the center of it lets the user focus on battle and at the same time endure it.
Iced Lizard Backshield A frozen version of Lizard Backshield.
Iced Antares Backshield A frozen version of Antares Backshield.
Coffin Backshield
Mini Ghost Spirit
Mini Ghost Spirit Duo
Mini Ghost Spirit Trio
Flower Stand
White Coffin Backshield