Item Name Description
Flu Mask Medical mask with a X mark on it that protects its wearer from contagious airborne diseases.
Black Mask A black mask that covers half of the face.
Butterfly Mask A splendid mask that seems to be worn in masquerades.
Zorro Mask A mask that served as the symbol of a chivalrous thief. Its wearer is compelled to perform acts of righteousness.
Persian Mask A silken mask that evokes a mysterious feeling.
Wicked Mask You can't trust the intentions of anyone who wears this mask?
Jolly Front Mask An innocuously dopey mask that conceals your true intentions once you put it on.
Iron Mask Iron mask that covers half of the face when worn.
Totem Mask A mask that is the standard for use in totem ceremonies.
Ashura Mask A mask of a face that is half man and half woman.
Mask of Lies A mask of an insincerely weeping face.
Leaf Mask A mask which can be thrown away anywhere without hurting the environment.
Gold Masquerade Mask An elegant mask for high class dance parties.
Manipulating Warlord Mask A mask rumoured to have been molded from the facial expression of the Comic Pirate, moments after he was killed.
Persecutor Mask A mask made of a stone like material that allows the wearer to move unseen.
Vermilion Persecutor Mask A mask made of a spinel like material that allows the wearer to move unseen.
Azure Persecutor Mask A mask made of an kyanite like material that allows the wearer to move unseen.
Gas Mask A mask used to protect its wearer from harmful and toxic gases.
Mask of Sorrows Legend says that this mask was once used to torture people, and it gained power from the suffering of its victims.
Dusk Mask A mysterious dark mask which makes those who gaze upon it feel uneasy.
Mask of Anubis A mask that represents the deity of Anubis.
Mystic Mask A luxurious magical mask that when worn increases the wearer's potency of magic.
Transparent Mask A transparent mask that can be used to hide the identity of the character's look.
Crystal Mask A mask covering the mouth that is made up of energizing crystals.
Eagle Beak With this eagle beak your prey will never escape you.
Skeleton Mask
Devil Mask
Frankenstein Mask
Voodoo Mask
Mummy Mask
Witch's Nose & Chin
Teiwaz Mask A mask worn by zealous devotees of the Teiwaz Sect, under the leadership of Moon Pastor Laguz.
Spooky Scarecrow Mask
Skull Mask
Sleeping Mask Perfect for keeping the lights out when sleeping.