Item Name Description
Dread Hat The hat of a true scallywag; worn by the dreaded airship captains of the stars.
Ushanka Cap This hat, is made of artificial furry strong material, has flaps on the side and back that come down to cover your neck.
Baseball Helmet A traditional helmet worn by Professional Baseball Players all around the world.
Pink Rabbit Hairband
Blue Chicken Hat
Servant's Hat A hat that is typically worn by the caretakers of a nobleman's mansion.
Fighting Headband
Frog Head Entertain friends and fellow adventurers with this cute animal costume.
Pastry Chef's Hat Worn by a true pastry chef.
Kodomatchi Hat Makes you feel like a child again.
Nurse Cap Worn by nurses all around Junon.
Pharaoh's Headgear
Police Hat
Berry Hat
Tiger Head
Racing Helmet
Raised Shades
Small Choropy Hat
Small Chub Chub Hat
Red Martial Arts Headband A headband worn by those that posses hidden skills.
Blonde Spiky Look A trendy hair style.
Medusa Headpiece A headpiece based on the mythological monster Medusa, who had venomous snakes in place of hair.
Tiger Hood
Fox Hood
Mouse Hood
Frog Hood
Black Horse Head
Eagle Hat
Mercenary Hunter's Helm
Ram Hat
Pink Elephant Hat
Jester Hat
Flower Crown
Rose Crown
Flower Crown Wig
Rose Crown Wig
Cow Hat Moooo!
Monkey Hat Eeeee! Watch the trees, they're everywhere!
Pink Earmuffs Protect your ears with these comfortable muffs!
Black Wig Temporarily give your hair a unique style with this stylish wig.
Mushroom Hat This took a lot of mushroom collecting! Show it off with pride.
Black Earmuffs Protect your ears with these comfortable muffs!
White Earmuffs Protect your ears with these comfortable muffs!
Black Hunter's Helm
White Maid Head
Pink Maid Head
Spotted Cat Hat
Jellyfish Hat
Mouse Ears
Astarot Hat
Black Sparkle Beret
Black Bow Hat
Cactus Hat
White Bunny Hoodie
Dalmation Hoodie
White Winged Wig
Snake Hat
Frog Rain Hood
Treasure Hunter Wig
Koala Hood
Red Treasure Hunter Wig
White Treasure Hunter Wig
Dragon Head Gear
Tanabata Hat
Villain Helmet
Minnie Mouse Ears
Pink Panda Hat
Detective Hat
Black Wide Brim Hat
White Wide Brim Hat
Black Winged Wig
Pink Angel Hat
Black Chicken Hat
Black Traitor Wig
Red Traitor Wig
Horse Head
Pink Punk Rabbit Hood
Green Punk Rabbit Hood
Blue Martial Arts Headband
Golden Lion Headpiece
Purple Flower Crown Wig
Red Steampunk Hat
Yellow Steampunk Hat
Black Punk Rabbit Hood
Pink Captain's Hat
Blue Nyanko Hood
Purple Nyanko Hood
Red Hair Ornament
Purple Hair Ornament
Blue Steampunk Hat
Green Steampunk Hat
Blue Kabuki Wig
Phantom Thief Hat
Red Kabuki Wig
Tiger Ears
Pink Kerokero Hat
Woopie Queen Hat
Red Ninja Cap
Camo Ninja Cap
Captain's Hat
Brown Cowboy Hat
Shiromuku Hood
Blue Festival Headband
Green Festival Headband
Red Battle Tribe Wig
Black Battle Tribe Wig
White Priest Hat
Green Priest Hat
Red Shinobi Hairpin
Blue Shinobi Hairpin
Devil Wig
Blue Battle Tribe Wig
Brown Aristocrat Wig
Black Aristocrat Wig
Purple Temari Wig
White Ninja Cap
Green Temari Wig
Black Captain's Hat
Orange Captain's Hat
Patissier Hat
Fox Priestess Hat
Blue Fox Priestess Hat
Green Shinobi Hairpin
Red Temari Wig
Yellow Kerokero Hood
White Kerokero Hood
Red Festival Headband
Blue Priest Hat
Blonde Aristocrat Wig
Brown Kerokero Hood
Pink Charmy Animal Wig
Black Tesla Steampunk Headgear
Green Tesla Steampunk Headgear
Blue Charmy Animal Wig
Blue Starwisher Wig
Pink Starwisher Wig
Yellow Music Star Wig
Black Music Star Wig
Purple Sage Wig
White Sage Wig
Red Oni Wig
Black Oni Wig
Pink Music Star Wig
Brown Majestic Wig
Fox Postman Cap
Fashionable Kimono Wig
Blue Magic Animal Hat
Black Sea Wolf Hat
Red Sea Wolf Hat
Red Dragonic Horns
Purple Dragonic Horns
Blue Cybercat Headphones
Purple Cybercat Headphones