Item Name Description
Santa Gloves Santa`s gloves of choice. They`re awfully merry.
White Santa Gloves White gloves that Santa wears to give him the edge in terms of style.
Rudolph Gloves A pair of gloves worn by the famous reindeer, Rudolph.
Blue Santa Gloves Santa Gloves that are coloured with the hue of the sky.
Servant`s Gloves A pair of gloves that is typically worn by the caretakers of a nobleman`s mansion.
Boxing Gloves Cheer Up!
Extravagant Wedding Gloves Gloves worn with the extravagant wedding dress.
Frog Gloves Entertain friends and fellow adventurers with this cute animal costume.
Pastry Chef`s Gloves Gloves used by pastry chefs.
Demon Claws
Police Gloves
Tiger Claws
Racing Gloves
Mercenary Hunter`s Gloves
Devil Gloves
Noble Gloves
Wrist Irons
Treasure Hunter Gloves
Ram Gloves
Black Hunter`s Gloves
Alucard`s Gloves
Ninja Gloves
Black Traitor Gloves
Red Traitor Gloves
Pink Punk Rabbit Gloves
Green Punk Rabbit Gloves
Horned Gauntlets
White Noble Gloves
Golden Lion Gloves
Guardsman Gloves
Red Steampunk Gloves
Yellow Steampunk Gloves
Red Moonlight Gloves
Black Moonlight Gloves
Black Punk Rabbit Gloves
Blue Nyanko Gloves
Purple Nyanko Gloves
Red Kimono Gloves
Purple Kimono Gloves
Blue Steampunk Gloves
Green Steampunk Gloves
Winged Gloves
White Winged Gloves