Item Name Description
Tough Cloth Seems useless because of its coarseness, but it does make a handy cleaning cloth.
Cotton Soft cloth used to make clothing and underwear.
Linen Excelling in absorption and ventilation, this cloth makes good summer clothing.
Felt A cloth made of lightly stretched fibers that, although durable, isn't suited for making normal clothing.
Silk A sleek, soft cloth with beautiful colours that is popular among women.
Wool It's soft and great at keeping someone warm.
Denim Fabric made out of blue paper. Although it seems that it can be easily torn, it's actually very durable and feels nice when worn.
Plain Weave Strong and practical fabric.
Twill Although relatively weak, twill rarely wrinkles, is soft and has a nice texture.
Lace Decorative cloth made of countless interwoven fibers that allow air to flow freely through them.