Item Name Description
Magic Tool of Rebirth
Book of Standards A book in which the fundamentals of life are written.
Oriental Drum A small tabor drum that is played to ensure a good harvest.
Book of Charm A book containing the secrets to charm and seduction.
Book of Concentration A book that helps you clear your thoughts and concentrate.
Mythical Flute A beautiful, legendary flute that makes an antiquated sound.
Elven Anthology A collection of translated songs and poetry by the Elves.
Basic Encyclopedia A basic encyclopedia in which the knowledge of the world is recorded.
Magic Mirror A magic mirror which illuminates your true heart.
Shadow Mirror A cursed mirror which reveals your dark thoughts.
Mana Stone A magic stone infused with Mana.
Rune Stone A stone on which an ancient incantation is inscribed.
Cubic Sceptre Magical dice that can reveal the situational chance of success.
Holy Sceptre A magic symbol that overflows with holiness.
Meteoric Sceptre It is said that the power of the meteor symbolizes destruction.
Elven Harp A legendary harp that is a testament to the refinement of the Elves.
Lunaris Candy Bar Eucar wizards' favourite candy which restores MP when eaten.
Bang Bang Tree Leaf A tree leaf that contains magical power.
Eye of Storm A menacing gem containing cold and darkness.
Orb of Rage A gem in which the rage of the deceased is sealed.
Orb of Abyss A gem made from a fragment of a mysterious comet.
Mystic Shell A magical sea shell that echoes the sound of the sea.
Focusing Skull A mystical skull wielded by shamans during tribal rituals, it channels concentrating energy for the one who holds it.
Magic Tool of Spearmint
Enchanting Heart This heart-shaped tool will grant you the power of wisdom.
Haunting Heart This heart-shaped tool will grant you the understanding of isolation.
Blessed Twin Moon An artifact which gains mana power from the use of its twin moons.
Exalted Twin Moon An artifact which gains protective power from the use of its twin moons.