Item Name Description
Kiss Learn the skill Kiss.
Self Target Target yourself.
Sit Allows its user to restore HP and MP while sitting.
Pick Up Pick up a nearby item that has been dropped to the ground.
Levitation Leap high into the sky.
Normal Attack Strike an enemy with a normal attack.
Drive Cart Drive a Cart.
Party Ask someone to join your party.
Trade Request a trade with a target.
Vending Shop Open a Vending Shop to buy and sell items to other players.
Follow Follow the selected character wherever they go.
Ride Request Ask someone to ride on your Cart.
Alchemy Craft Learn the essentials of potion and ammo crafting.
Drive Castle Gear Drive a Castle Gear.
Ride Mount Use a monster for transportation around the Akram Kingdom.
Dismiss Summon Dismiss a targeted summon.
Command Summon Command your summoned monsters to attack a target.
Recall Summon Call your summoned monsters back to you.
Hi! Learn emotive expression.
Grateful Bow Learn emotive expression.
Salutation Learn emotive expression.
Laugh Learn emotive expression.
Fight Cheer Learn emotive expression.
Breakdown Learn emotive expression.
Upset Learn emotive expression.
Front Flip Learn emotive expression.
Devastated Learn emotive expression.
Rest Learn emotive expression.
Sleep Learn emotive expression.
Workout Learn emotive expression.
Mime Learn emotive expression.
Big Wave Learn emotive expression.
Weapon Mastery Increase Melee Weapon damage.
One-Handed Mastery Increase One-Handed Weapon damage.
Two-Handed Mastery Increase Two-Handed Weapon damage.
Harden Body Increase Maximum HP amount.
Armor Mastery Increase Defence.
Crossbow Mastery Increase Crossbow damage. Only Knights can upgrade this skill above Level 5.
Quick Step Increase Movement Speed. Only Champions can upgrade this skill above Level 5.
Mental Mastery Increase Maximum MP amount.
Heavy Attack Bash a target with crushing force while using a Melee Weapon.
Double Attack Deliver double blows onto a target while using a Melee Weapon.
Leap Attack Enables its user to jump and attack at the same time when using a Melee Weapon. Inflicts Stun effect on the target.
Berserk Increase Attack Power of caster while decreasing caster's Defence for skill's duration.
Shield Barrier Increase Magic Resistance of the caster and party members for skill's duration. Requires a Shield.
Divine Force Shoot a holy sphere at a target from a distance.
Spin Attack Enables its user to spin and attack at the same time. Also does splashed damage to nearby enemies.
Taunt Directs target's hate towards caster, causing target to attack caster for a while. Requires a Shield.
Endure Increase Defence while decreasing the caster's Movement Speed for skill's duration. Requires a Shield.
Taunt Shot Inflict damage and provoke a target at the same time when using a Bow.
Heavy Bow Shot Crossbow required. By focusing your energy before firing an arrow, you can inflict heavy damage on an enemy.
Slow Shot Inflict damage on a target, and decrease its Movement Speed.
Range Shot Fire a powerful arrow shot at a target from a distance. Requires a Crossbow.
Impact Wave Thrust a sword into the ground and crack the ground's surface to do splash damage to many foes.
Lightning Crasher Deliver multiple blows after confusing the target.
Holy Blood Sacrifice one's HP to inflict more damage onto nearby enemies.
Blood Attack Special attack in which its user regains an amount of HP calculated by the amount of damage inflicted on a nearby enemy. Only Champions can upgrade this skill above Level 6.
Space Attack Shoot a spirit sphere at an enemy from a distance.
Champion Hit Enables its caster to leap high into the air and strike the top of the enemy's skull.
Magic Arms Mastery Increase Magic Weapon damage.
Meditation Increase Maximum MP and MP Recovery Rate.
Spell Mastery Reduce MP consumption of skills by a certain percentage.
Summon Mastery Enables its caster to summon more monsters at a time.
Fire Ring Decrease the Defence of a target.
Mana Bolt Shoot a Mana Bolt at a target from a distance.
Healing Restore HP of the caster and nearby party members at the same time.
Cure Restore HP of a target.
Staff Stun Use a Staff to strike an enemy with great force and inflict the Stun status.
Lightning Cast Lightning on a target to stun it.
Dash Support Increase the Movement Speed of a target for the skill's duration.
Blessing Body Increase nearby party members' Maximum HP for the skill's duration.
Ice Bolt Shoot an ice bolt at a target.
Enchant Armor Increase one's Defence for skill's duration.
Freeze Decrease the Movement Speed of a target for skill's duration.
Defence Aura Increase nearby party members' Defence for skill's duration.
Power Support Increase the Attack Power of a target for skill's duration.
Mild Decrease the Attack Power of a target.
Purify Remove harmful curse magic cast on a target.
Blessing Mind Increase nearby party members' Maximum MP for skill's duration.
Fire Burn Shoot a fire bolt at a target to inflict damage and decrease Defence at the same time.
Silence Blocks a target from casting magic spells for skill's duration.
Wind Storm Summon a storm to do enormous damage onto enemies near the caster.
Meteorite Flow Summon a meteor from the sky to inflict damage on many foes.
Ice Bang Create ice poles within an area that inflict damage and decrease the Movement Speed of enemies when they walk inside the area.
Resurrection Revive a dead character on the current spot.
Curse Decreases the HP of a target.
Bonfire Cast a magic campfire to aid party members in restoring HP and MP faster.
Phantom Sword Summon a magic sword to attack a target from a distance.
Elemental Summon an Elemental.
Firegon Summon a fire dragon.
Battle Support Increase the Attack Speed of a target for skill's duration.
Damage Support Increase target's normal attack and skill damage for skill's duration.
Hit Support Increase target's Hitting Rate for skill's duration.
Critical Support Increase target's Critical attack rate for skill's duration.
Magical Aura Increase nearby party members' Magic Resistance for skill's duration.
Evasion Aura Increase nearby party members' Dodge Rate for skill's duration.
Glaive Mastery Increase Attack Power of Glaive weapons.
Bow Mastery Increase Attack Power of Bow weapons.
Combat Mastery Increase Attack Power of Katar and Dual Wield weapons.
Recovery Mastery Increase HP Recovery Amount.
Hawker Spirit Increase the caster's Hitting Rate for skill's duration.
Battle Mastery Increase Attack Speed of Katar, Dual Wield and Bow weapons.
Aim Shot Shoot an arrow at a target with great force.
Power Attack Hit a target with mighty force while using a Knuckle or a Melee Weapon.
Double Shot Shoot 2 arrows at a target at once.
Double Slash Deliver 2 blows at a target at once.
Sprint Increase the caster's Movement Speed for skill's duration.
Spiral Kick Enables its caster to spin and kick on a spot to do splash damage to nearby enemies.
Binding Arrow Shoot an arrow to bind a target to the ground, decreasing target's Movement Speed.
Screw Attack Enables its caster to spin wildly on a spot to inflict damage on a target. Requires Katar or Dual Wield weapon.
Spirit Heart Shoot a heart shaped spirit sphere at a target from a distance. Inflict damage and decrease target's Attack Speed at the same time.
Prime Hit Inflict a great amount of damage to a nearby enemy.
Poison Arrow Shoot an arrow that will inflict the Poison status on an enemy.
Power Burst Advanced Power Attack skill. Hit a target with awesome might while using a Knuckle or a Melee Weapon.
Flame Hawk Summon a fire hawk to inflict damage to enemies from a distance.
Detect Detect hidden enemies around the caster.
Speed Shot Increase Attack Speed of Bow and Crossbow weapons for skill's duration.
Sharpen Arrow Increase Attack Power of Bow and Crossbow weapon for skill's duration.
Hawk Shot Attack an enemy from a long distance.
Hawk Summon a hawk.
Mana Blood Regain MP by consuming HP.
Stealth Enables its caster to be invisible while moving or resting. Attacking enemy cancels the invisible mode.
Poison Shuriken Throw a poison shuriken at a target.
Red Cloud Raise dust around the caster to decrease Dodge Rate of nearby enemies.
Magic Shuriken Throw a shuriken at a target to decrease its Magic Resistance.
Market Research Study economy. Increase Charm by 2 each time the level of this skill is increased.
Marksmanship Increase Gun and Launcher damage.
Backpack Mastery Increase the maximum weight limit of your inventory.
Discount Enables its user to purchase items from NPC shops for less Zulie than the original price.
Overcharge Enables its user to sell items to NPC shops for more Zulie than the original price.
Stockpile Increase the chance of obtaining items from monsters.
Employ Troops Increase Maximum Summon Gauge.
Weapon Research Allows its user to learn weapon crafting skills. Increase Concentration.
Armor Research Refine your fundamental armor crafting skills. Increase Defence.
Arms Mastery Refine combat techniques with a Gun. Increase Attack Speed when wielding a Gun or Launcher.
Craft Mastery Learn the essentials of crafting. Increase Maximum MP.
Sniping Shot Inflict a great amount of damage to a target.
Power Gun Shot Deliver a powerful shot to enemy target.
Twin Shot Shoot 2 bullets at a target in a single attack.
Trigger Finger Increase the caster's Attack Speed for skill's duration.
Aim Sight Shoot a target from a considerably long distance.
Poison Shot Shoot a poisonous bullet at a target to inflict damage and Poison status to the target and nearby enemies at the same time.
Gun Smash Hit a nearby target with the barrel of your gun.
Zulie Storm Throw many coins to inflict damage on enemies near the caster.
Zulie Throw Throw a coin at a target to cause damage from a distance.
Employ Warrior Summon a melee attack warrior by spending Zulie.
Employ Hunter Use Zulie to summon a Hunter that specializes in long distance attacks.
Terror Knight Summon a Terror Knight.
SubItem Craft Craft Shields, Bags, Back equipment, Wings, etc.
Sword Craft Create One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons.
Mace Craft Create Axes, Spears, Katars or One-Handed Blunt weapons.
Bow Craft Create Bows or Crossbows.
Magic Weapon Craft Create Magic items such as Staffs, Wands and Magic Tools.
Gun Craft Create Guns or Launchers.
Clothing Craft Create normal Clothing, Hats, Gloves, Shoes or Masks.
Armor Craft Create Armor, Helms, Gauntlets and Boots.
Magic Armor Craft Create Magic Clothing, Hats, Gloves and Boots.
Cart Craft Create various Cart parts.
Castle Gear Craft Create various Castle Gear parts.
Gem Cutting Produce a good quality gem from a low quality gem.
Item Divide Detach a gem from an item, or take an item apart in order to obtain its materials.
Item Refine Refine equipment to enhance its performance. Increase item class by 1 when successful.
Accessory Craft Create various accessories such as Rings, Earrings and Necklaces.
Perpetual Aura Increase HP Recovery Amount. Level 5 increases by 55.
Hurtle Aura Increase Attack Speed. Level 5 increases by 15.
Left Heart Learn emotive expression.
Right Heart Learn emotive expression.