Moldie Mammoth


Level HP Attack Power Attack Speed Hit Defence Magic Defence Dodge
235 37,600 1,700 105 700 1,390 1,250 320

Map Spawns

Moldie Mammoth can be found on the maps below.

Map Name Planet Name
Ptah`s Rift of Souls Oro

Monster Spawns

When you defeat a Moldie Mammoth, the monsters below may spawn from it.

Monster Name Level
Cursed Moldie Mammoth 239
Belial Moldie Mammoth 237


The following drops are available by killing a Moldie Mammoth, providing that you're within it's dropping level range.

Item Name Classification
Aurum Plate Helm Helmet
Mercenary Vest Casual Clothes
Oro`s Walker Shoes Magic Boots
Warmaster Sword Two-Handed Sword
Resilience Dual Wield Dual Swords
Breakdown Glaive Glaive
Vital Jam (+10) Potion
Sephiroth Wood Wooden Material
Hime Refining Material
Lisent (Na) Chemicals
Lisent (Au) Chemicals
Golden Heart Material
Black Animal Tail Fur Material
Animal Tail Fur Material
Animal Leg Bone Material
Animal Backbone Material
Blue Dye Material
Purple Dye Material
Red Dye Material
White Dye Material
Aleksandros Fragment Material
Instance Key Material
Mana Shard Material
Tainted Key Material