[Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses


Visit one of the following maps to find [Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses.

Map Name Planet Name
Canyon City of Zant Junon


Check out [Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses's shop to buy one of the following items.

Item Name Classification
Market Research Skill Book
Marksmanship Skill Book
Backpack Mastery Skill Book
Discount Skill Book
Stockpile Skill Book
Employ Troops Skill Book
Weapon Research Skill Book
Armor Research Skill Book
Arms Mastery Skill Book
Craft Mastery Skill Book
Power Gun Shot Skill Book
Twin Shot Skill Book
Trigger Finger Skill Book
Poison Shot Skill Book
Gun Smash Skill Book
Zuly Throw Skill Book
Employ Warrior Skill Book
SubItem Craft Skill Book
Sword Craft Skill Book
Mace Craft Skill Book
Bow Craft Skill Book
Magic Weapon Craft Skill Book
Gun Craft Skill Book
Clothing Craft Skill Book
Armor Craft Skill Book
Magic Armor Craft Skill Book
Item Divide Skill Book
Rusted Iron Metal
Tin Metal
Copper Metal
Bronze Metal
Iron Metal
Silver Iron Metal
Twig Wooden Material
Maple Wood Wooden Material
Aromatic Wood Wooden Material
Oak Wood Wooden Material
Paulownia Wood Wooden Material
Pine Wood Wooden Material
Worn-out Leather Leather
Thin Leather Leather
Sleek Leather Leather
Tough Leather Leather
Tender Leather Leather
Gorgeous Leather Leather
Tough Cloth Cloth
Cotton Cloth
Linen Cloth
Felt Cloth
Silk Cloth
Wool Cloth
Ink Material
Distilled Water Material
Oil Material
Rubber Sap Material
Glue Material
Alcohol Material
Dyes Material
Coal Material