Level HP Attack Power Attack Speed Hit Defence Magic Defence Dodge
27 675 94 100 92 80 49 46

Map Spawns

Turtle can be found on the maps below.

Map Name Planet Name
El Verloon Desert Junon


The following drops are available by killing a Turtle, providing that you're within it's dropping level range.

Item Name Classification
Soldier Helm Helmet
Spiritual Vest Magic Clothes
Grey Gloves Gloves
Hunter Gloves Gloves
Elven Hunter Gloves Gloves
Brown Shoes Shoes
Pointed Necklace Necklace
Khukuri One-Handed Sword
Monkey Wrench One-Handed Blunt Weapon
Haedong Sword Two-Handed Sword
Nameless Sword Two-Handed Sword
Javelin Spear
Long Bow Bow
Bubble Gun Gun
Baobab Wand Magic Wand
Knuckle Katar
Sword Knuckle Katar
Tarz Shield
Health Vial (M) Potion
Health Point (+50) Automatic Consumption
Mana Point (+30) Automatic Consumption
Stamina (+50) Automatic Consumption
Turtle Capsule Magic Item
Animal Leg Bone Material
Animal Backbone Material