Seal Stone


Level HP Attack Power Attack Speed Hit Defence Magic Defence Dodge
88 6,600 323 90 223 358 260 75

Map Spawns

Seal Stone can be found on the maps below.

Map Name Planet Name
Forgotten Temple (B1) Luna

Monster Spawns

When you defeat a Seal Stone, the monsters below may spawn from it.

Monster Name Level
Tirwin 78
Tirwin 86
Tirwin 88
Tirwin 83


The following drops are available by killing a Seal Stone, providing that you're within it's dropping level range.

Item Name Classification
Viking Sword One-Handed Sword
Morning Star One-Handed Blunt Weapon
Poison Crossbow Crossbow
Bastard Sword Two-Handed Sword
Silver Axe Two-Handed Axe
Lightning Spear Spear
Half-Elf Bow Bow
Beretta Gun
Mythril Launcher Launcher
Land Staff Magic Staff
Blizzard Wand Magic Wand
Shaft Claw Katar
Blood Sword & Axe Dual Swords
Grand Viking Sword One-Handed Sword
Grand Morning Star One-Handed Blunt Weapon
Legend Dark Crossbow Crossbow
Saint Executioner Two-Handed Sword
Golden Half-Elf Bow Bow
Golden Beretta Gun
Golden Blizzard Wand Magic Wand
Grand Dual Patar Katar
Grand Viking Sword & Axe Dual Swords