Junon`s Grunter


Level HP Attack Power Attack Speed Hit Defence Magic Defence Dodge
66 13,926 352 110 223 241 147 103

Monster Spawns

When you defeat a Junon`s Grunter, the monsters below may spawn from it.

Monster Name Level
Grunter Leader 53
Grunter Captain 55

Spawned By

When you kill one of the monster below, a Junon`s Grunter may spawn from it.

Monster Name Level
Grunter King 60
Grunter King 60
Grunter King 60
Grunter King 60


The following drops are available by killing a Junon`s Grunter, providing that you're within it's dropping level range.

Item Name Classification
Recovery Ring Ring
Charming Necklace Necklace
Grand Stone Hammer One-Handed Blunt Weapon
Grand Tomahawk Two-Handed Axe
Legend Orc Axe Two-Handed Axe
Grand Iron Spear Spear
Legend Iron Bow Bow
Dark Dual Bushido Dual Swords
Health Vial (L) Potion
Health Bottle (M) Potion
Health Bottle (L) Potion
Herbal Medicine (M) Potion
Herbal Medicine (L) Potion
Vital Water (M) Potion
Spiritual Water (S) Potion
MP Scroll (Solo) Magic Item
Advanced MP Scroll (Solo) Magic Item
Garnet [2] Gem
Emerald [1] Gem
Peridot [1] Gem
Diamond [1] Gem
Black Heart Material
Green Heart Material
Green Crystal Material
Blue Crystal Material
Red Crystal Material
Cart Engine Schematic Gathered Goods