Sikuku Tormentor


Level HP Attack Power Attack Speed Hit Defence Magic Defence Dodge
232 67,280 2,900 160 950 1,780 950 540

Map Spawns

Sikuku Tormentor can be found on the maps below.

Map Name Planet Name
Sikuku Ruins Eldeon

Monster Spawns

When you defeat a Sikuku Tormentor, the monsters below may spawn from it.

Monster Name Level
Sikuku Dismemberer 227
Tormentor Specter 236


The following drops are available by killing a Sikuku Tormentor, providing that you're within it's dropping level range.

Item Name Classification
Elven Dimple Bonnet Magic Hat
Elven Steel Resolve Chest Combat Uniform
Elven Jabberwock Gauntlets Gauntlets
Elven Mana Steam Gloves Gloves
Elven Dimple Shoes Magic Boots
Mercenary`s Travelling Backpack Bag
Legend Dragon Crossbow Crossbow
Dark Turak Axe Two-Handed Axe
Golden Sternen Haufen Magic Wand
Red Box Item Bag
No Experience Medal Time Coupon
Black Onyx [1] Gem
Black Onyx [2] Gem
Orange Flame Gem
Otherworldly Metal Otherworldly Metal
Shining Stone Stone Material
Low Essence Refining Material
Elixir Refining Material
Hime Refining Material
Lisent (Hg) Chemicals
Lisent (Na) Chemicals
Lisent (Cr) Chemicals
Lisent (Au) Chemicals
Lisent (Ra) Chemicals
Sharp Thorn Material
Instance Key Material