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Used To Craft

Mythril can be used to craft the items below. If you have no need for a Mythril, someone else might.

Item Name Classification
Mystic Weaver Shoes Magic Boots
Dark Staff Magic Staff
Shadow Wand Magic Wand
Spirits Dual Wield Dual Swords
Desperado Dual Wield Dual Swords
Crate of Cluster Shells Ammunition Crate
Battle Launcher Cart Weapon

Dropped By

If you're hunting for a Mythril, try killing these monsters below. Clicking on the monsters name will show you which maps they can be found in.

Monster Name Monster Level
[Akram Kingdom Minister] Warren 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Crow 10
[Righteous Crusader] Leonard 10
[Arumic Merchant] Tryteh 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses 10
[Akram Minister] Mairard 10
[Righteous Crusader] Port 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Seyon 10
[Ferrell Storage Keeper] Bill Gate 10
[Arumic Researcher] Lutis 10
[Station Guide] Rocky 10
[Cart Shop] Mshai 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz 10
[Magic Shop] Bakit 10
[Supplies] Khait 10
[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Lina 10
[Akram Minister] Gamp 10
[Akram Minister] Nell 10
[Akram Minister] Rodath 10
[Akram Minister] Mel 10
[Manager of Ferrell] Arothel 10
[Righteous Crusader] Gawain 10
[Arumic Merchant] Chester 10
[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Kiroth 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Hayen 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Itz 10
[Righteous Crusader] Huffe 10
[Arumic Researcher] Carasia 10
[Righteous Crusader] Aeron 10
[Arumic Researcher] Aemelia 10
[Arumic Researcher] Cecilia 10
[Righteous Crusader] Lloyd 10
[Righteous Crusader] Gallahad 10
[Akram Minister] Luce 10
[Ferrell Guild Merchant ] Bith 10
[Ferrell Guild Merchant] Med 10
[Clan House Manager] Kushard 10
[Clan House Soldier] Jason 10
[Akram Ambassador] Eliot 10
[Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi 10
[Ferrell Guild Banker] Andre 10
[Ferrell Trader] Sergei 10
[Magic Goods Seller] Pabel 10
[Righteous Crusader] Harold Evan 10
[Arumic Researcher] Catherine Clara 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Gilbert 10
[Akram Ambassador] Jacklyn Cooper 10
[Storage Keeper] Dustin Leta 10
[Sikuku Warrior] Chaga 10
[Arumic Researcher] Orka 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Peron 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Robin 10
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Rooen 10
[Dungeon Guide] Tondro 10
[Quest Board] Canyon City of Zant 10
[Quest Board] City of Junon Polis 10
[Quest Board] Magic City of the Eucar 10
[Quest Board] Xita Refuge 10
[Quest Board] Heliopolis 10
[Resident] Clara 10
[Storage] Pablo 10
[Elf] Tinese 10
[Scared Girl] Kelly 10
[Referee] Minos 10
[Akram Tower] Chandler 10
[Referee] Aurelius 10
[Referee] Aesteron 10
[Referee] Themba 10
[Arena Master] Arthur 10
[Arena Master] Arthur 10
Evil Shaman`s Spirit 126
Venom Ghost 129
Sikuku Destroyer 187
Sikuku Destroyer 188
Sikuku Killer 189
Sikuku Killer 190
Raknu Prisoner 199
Raknu Prisoner 200
[Referee] Gamp 200
Sikuku Cannibal 201
Sikuku Jailer 202
Sikuku Guard 203
Sikuku Infiltrator 203
Sikuku Warden 204
Sikuku Predator 205
Sikuku Cannibal Chef 205
Rogue Sikuku Warden 206
Saboten Zyo 214
Snapper 214
Amun Fighter 219
Imparis Soldier 219
Imparis Warrior 219
Volcanic Snapper 220
Taipan 222
Amun Warrior 222
Cerpentes 222
Horridus 223
Blind Sikuku Cannibal 224
Bloody Sikuku Chief 226
Terrapin Captain 228
Executor Kera 230
Judge`s Illusion 240

Dropped In

If you're hunting for a Mythril, try visiting the maps below. These items will drop from any monsters across the map.

Map Name Planet Name
Akram Quest Junon
Akram Quest Junon
Akram Quest Junon
Akram Quest Junon
Akram Quest Junon
Arumic Valley Luna
Crystal Snowfields Luna
Forgotten Temple (B1) Luna
Forgotten Temple (B2) Luna
Freezing Plateau Luna
Mana Snowfields Luna
The Void Junon

Acquired From

Mythril can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Red Box Item Bag