Magic Snow

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Used to Craft

Magic Snow can be used to craft the items below. If you have no need for a Magic Snow, someone else might.

Item Name Classification
Iced Worm Dragon Wing Wings
Iced Grace Wing Wings
Iced Lizard Backshield Backshield
Iced Antares Backshield Backshield
Iced Shamshir One-Handed Sword
Iced Skull Breaker One-Handed Blunt Weapon
Iced Four Stick Bow Crossbow
Iced Zephyr Falcon Bow
Iced Burnthesnatch Katar
Iced Gigantic Wave Launcher
Iced Rune Staff Magic Staff
Iced Sternen Haufen Magic Wand
Iced Caliburn Two-Handed Sword
Iced Adamantium Axe Two-Handed Axe
Iced Fury Spantun Spear
Iced Tornado Rifle Gun
Iced Desperado Dual Wield Dual Swords
Iced Kusanagi Glaive
Iced Kusanagi Glaive

Acquired From

Magic Snow can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Ice Chest of Fortune Chest
Ice Chest of Fortune Chest
Ice Chest of Fortune Chest