Rainbow Stone

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Used to Craft

Rainbow Stone can be used to craft the items below. If you have no need for a Rainbow Stone, someone else might.

Item Name Classification
Execution Band Helmet
Abyss Plate Helm Helmet
Triggerman Head Hat
Captain Hawker Hat Hat
Angelic Halo Hair Decoration
Execution Armor Combat Uniform
Triggerman Chest Combat Uniform
Execution Gloves Gauntlets
Triggerman Gloves Gloves
Execution Boots Boots
Triggerman Boots Boots
Sanctuary Backshield Backshield
Sanctuary Backshield Backshield

Dropped By

If you're hunting for a Rainbow Stone, try killing these monsters below. Clicking on the monsters name will show you which maps they can be found in.

Monster Name Monster Level
Hook 145
Nepenthes 147
Sikuku Tracker 158
Sikuku Butcher 174
Sikuku Assassin 155
Melt Dut 200
Hook 165
Nepenthes 161
Sikuku Butcher 168
Melt Dut 219
Memphis Citizen 220
Memphis Citizen 220
Cold Witch 232

Acquired From

Rainbow Stone can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Red Box Item Bag