Gypsy Tears

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Used to Craft

Gypsy Tears can be used to craft the items below. If you have no need for a Gypsy Tears, someone else might.

Item Name Classification
Communication Gemstone Face Decoration
Mystic Weaver Bonnet Magic Hat
Serenity Bonnet Magic Hat
Mystic Weaver Vest Magic Clothes
Mystic Weaver Gloves Magic Gloves
Mystic Weaver Shoes Magic Boots

Dropped By

If you're hunting for a Gypsy Tears, try killing these monsters below. Clicking on the monsters name will show you which maps they can be found in.

Monster Name Monster Level
Pincer 143
Predator 158
Bebeg 64
Mountain Bebeg 80
Ikaness Worker 190
Ikaness Miner 191
Ikaness Leader 192
Eudy Lukete 198
Pincer 162
Ikaness Miner 205
Ikaness Leader 211
Eudy Lukete 223
Saboten 218
Lost Soul 226
Erotion Soul 229
Bleaking Soul 232
Saboten 219
Saboten 219
Saboten 219
Necromancer 169
Kromtaur Captain 173
Enchanter Spirit 223
Sorcerer`s Spirit 223

Acquired From

Gypsy Tears can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Red Box Item Bag