Item Mall Legacy Box

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Item Mall

Item Mall Legacy Box can be purchased from the Item Mall for 20 AruaPoints.

Item Bag Contains

Item Mall Legacy Box is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Ego Mask Mask
Scream Mask Mask
Nomadic Mask Mask
Mummy Face Mask
Rat Tail Moustache Face Decoration
Santa Hat Hat
Traditional Korean Hat Hat
Spring Flower Hat Hat
Blue Swimming Cap Hat
Snorkel Hat
Summer Beach Hat Hat
O Mark Hat
X Mark Hat
Lucille Party Hat Hat
GP Cap Hat
Pumpkin Head Hat
White Santa Hat Hat
Rudolph Cap Hat
Red Swimming Cap Hat
Green Swimming Cap Hat
Yellow Swimming Cap Hat
False Scalp Hair Decoration
Panda Hat Hat
Bug Hat Hat
Lion Hat Hat
Cat Hat Hat
Junon Native Headdress Hair Decoration
Red Chicken Hat Hat
Lizard Hat Hat
Rabbit Hairband Hair Decoration
Devil Horn Hair Decoration
Green Lion Hat Hat
Blue Santa Cap Hat
Angel Hat Hat
Kerokero Hat Hat
Headband Hat
Pigtail Ribbon Hat
Student`s Cap Hat
White Lion Hat Hat
Chef`s Hat Hat
Katyusha Kitty Ears Hat
White Katyusha Kitty Ears Hat
Black Rabbit Hairband Hair Decoration
Peach Colour Hat Hat
Black Bunny Ears Hair Decoration
White Bunny Ears Hair Decoration
Demon Child Horns Hat
Castle Gear Helmet Hat
Pink Bunny Ears Hair Decoration
Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
HanBok Casual Clothes
Swimsuit Casual Clothes
Bikini Casual Clothes
Beach Wear Casual Clothes
Lucille Party Wear Casual Clothes
Felice Party Wear Casual Clothes
Hogan Belt Casual Clothes
White Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Yellow Football Suit Casual Clothes
Red Football Suit Casual Clothes
Blue and White Football Suit Casual Clothes
White Football Suit Casual Clothes
Blue Football Suit Casual Clothes
Rudolph Vest Casual Clothes
Blue Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Trendy Swim Suit Casual Clothes
Yukata Casual Clothes
Summer School Look Casual Clothes
Physical Uniform Casual Clothes
Yellow Uniform Casual Clothes
Snow White Swimsuit Casual Clothes
Servant`s Uniform Casual Clothes
Boxing Uniform Casual Clothes
Brown Servant`s Uniform Casual Clothes
Transfer Student Wear Casual Clothes
Black Uniform Casual Clothes
Black Bunny Suit Casual Clothes
Blue Servant`s Uniform Casual Clothes
Pink Bunny Suit Casual Clothes
Pink Servant`s Uniform Casual Clothes
Santa Boots Shoes
Plastic Shoes Shoes
Beach Flipflops Shoes
Hogan Boots Shoes
White Santa Boots Shoes
Yellow Football Shoes Shoes
Red Football Shoes Shoes
Blue and White Football Shoes Shoes
White Football Shoes Shoes
Blue Football Shoes Shoes
Rudolph Boots Shoes
Blue Santa Boots Shoes
Scented Butterfly Wing Wings
Seraph Wing Wings
Succubus Wing Wings
Black Seraph Wing Wings
Astarot Silver Wing Wings
Astarot Pink Wing Wings
Astarot Black Wing Wings
Astarot Red Wing Wings
White Tirwin Wing Wings
Black Tirwin Wing Wings
Fiery Tirwin Wing Wings
Black Succubus Wing Wings