Costume Goody Bag

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Item Mall

Costume Goody Bag can be purchased from the Item Mall for 25 AruaPoints.

Item Bag Contains

Costume Goody Bag is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Inmate Cap Hat
Prisoner Cap Hat
Police Cap Hat
Highway Patrol Cap Hat
Fire Rescue Hat Hat
Fire Fighter Hat Hat
Cowboy Hat Hat
Indian Headdress Hat
Reflector Hat
Hunter Goggles Hat
Warlock Cowl Hat
Alien Head Hat
Caveman Headpiece Hat
Inmate Jumpsuit Casual Clothes
Prisoner Jumpsuit Casual Clothes
Police Suit Casual Clothes
Highway Patrol Suit Casual Clothes
Fire Rescue Suit Casual Clothes
Fire Fighter Suit Casual Clothes
Cowboy Clothes Casual Clothes
Indian Clothes Casual Clothes
Doctor Coat Casual Clothes
Hunter Coat Casual Clothes
Warlock Robe Casual Clothes
Alien Body Casual Clothes
Caveman Cloth Casual Clothes
Inmate Gloves Gloves
Prisoner Gloves Gloves
Police Watch Gloves
Highway Patrol Watch Gloves
Fire Rescue Gloves Gloves
Fire Fighter Gloves Gloves
Cowboy Gloves Gloves
Indian Handwraps Gloves
Doctor Gloves Gloves
Hunter Gloves Gloves
Warlock Gloves Gloves
Alien Hands Gloves
Caveman Handwraps Gloves
Inmate Shoes Shoes
Prisoner Shoes Shoes
Police Boots Shoes
Highway Patrol Boots Shoes
Fire Rescue Boots Shoes
Fire Fighter Boots Shoes
Cowboy Boots Shoes
Indian Shoes Shoes
Doctor Shoes Shoes
Hunter Boots Shoes
Warlock Shoes Shoes
Alien Feet Shoes
Caveman Slippers Shoes
Inmate Belongings Bag
Prisoner Belongings Bag
Fire Rescue Extinguisher Bag
Fire Fighter Extinguisher Bag
Warlock Cape Back Decoration