Birthday Chest

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Item Mall

Birthday Chest can be purchased from the Item Mall for 10 AruaPoints during the Valentines Event.

Item Bag Contains

Birthday Chest is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Dancing Hat Hat
Crazy Twenties Hat Hat
Rockabilly Hat Hat
Glamorous Flamingo Hat Hat
Styled Festival Armor Casual Clothes
Dancing Fever Armor Casual Clothes
Dancing Wear Casual Clothes
Anniversary Clothes Casual Clothes
Crazy Twenties Outfit Casual Clothes
Rockabilly Outfit Casual Clothes
Blue Party Outfit Casual Clothes
Red Party Outfit Casual Clothes
Glamorous Flamingo Outfit Casual Clothes
Crazy Twenties Gloves Gloves
Rockabilly Gloves Gloves
Glamorous Flamingo Gloves Gloves
Blue Party Gloves Gloves
Red Party Gloves Gloves
Dancing Shoes Shoes
Anniversary Shoes Shoes
Crazy Twenties Shoes Shoes
Rockabilly Shoes Shoes
Blue Party Shoes Shoes
Red Party Shoes Shoes
Glamorous Flamingo Shoes Shoes