Gold Hawker Chest (Elite)

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Sold By

Gold Hawker Chest (Elite) can be easily purchased by talking to an NPC below. Clicking on the NPC name will show you which maps they can be found in.

NPC Name
[Instance] Akana

Item Bag Contains

Gold Hawker Chest (Elite) is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Saint Silentwalker Head Hat
Legend Silentwalker Head Hat
Saint Triggerman Head Hat
Legend Triggerman Head Hat
Saint Silentwalker Chest Combat Uniform
Legend Silentwalker Chest Combat Uniform
Saint Triggerman Chest Combat Uniform
Legend Triggerman Chest Combat Uniform
Saint Silentwalker Gloves Gloves
Legend Silentwalker Gloves Gloves
Saint Triggerman Gloves Gloves
Legend Triggerman Gloves Gloves
Saint Silentwalker Boots Boots
Legend Silentwalker Boots Boots
Saint Triggerman Boots Boots
Legend Triggerman Boots Boots
Demon Tribal Crossbow Crossbow
Saint Military Crossbow Crossbow
Grand Six Stick Bow Bow
Golden Ferrum Bow Bow
Grand Raven Knuckle Katar
Golden Glove Knuckle Katar
Golden Living Dead Dual Swords
Legend Mythril Dual Wield Dual Swords
Garnet [3] Gem
Lisent (Pb) Chemicals
Lisent (Al) Chemicals
Lisent (Hg) Chemicals
Lisent (Na) Chemicals
Lisent (Na) Chemicals