Iron Box

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Acquired From

Iron Box can be acquired by opening one of the bags below.

Bag Name Classification
Blazing Box Item Bag

Item Bag Contains

Iron Box is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Blazing Wing Wings
Vital Jam (+5) Potion
Vital Jam (+10) Potion
Blazing Charm Magic Item
Spark Charm Magic Item
Storm Charm Magic Item
Ruby [1] Gem
Black Onyx [1] Gem
Tourmaline [1] Gem
Silver Iron Metal
Silver Iron Metal
Orihalcon Otherworldly Metal
Hime Refining Material
Low Enthiric Refining Material
Enthiric Refining Material
Red Powder Chemicals
Lisent (Na) Chemicals
Coal Material
Gunpowder Material
Black Heart Material
Blue Heart Material
Red Heart Material
Golden Heart Material
Red Crystal Material
Steam Oil Material
Mana Crystal Material
Molten Shell Shell
Accursed Agate Material