Christmas Gift Bag

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Item Mall

Christmas Gift Bag can be purchased from the Item Mall for 10 AruaPoints during the Christmas Event.

Sold By

Christmas Gift Bag can be easily purchased by talking to an NPC below. Clicking on the NPC name will show you which maps they can be found in.

NPC Name
[Christmas Event] Comet

Item Bag Contains

Christmas Gift Bag is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
White Santa Beard Face Decoration
Santa Hat Hat
Snowboard Goggles Hat
Rudolph Cap Hat
Santa Disguise Cap Hat
Black Santa Cap Hat
Pink Santa Cap Hat
White Santa Cap Hat
Light Blue Santa Cap Hat
Reindeer Antlers Hat
Bad Santa Disguise Cap Hat
Santa Hood Hat
White Santa Hood Hat
Japanese Snowman Cap Hat
Mini Snowman Cap Hat
Pink Cat Snowman Cap Hat
Blue Santa Snowman Cap Hat
Pink Santa Snowman Cap Hat
Tophat Snowman Cap Hat
Santa Jester Hat Hat
Festive Christmas Hat Hat
Cocoa Gingerbread Head Hat
Rudolph Hat Hat
Snowman Hat Hat
Gingerbread Head Hat
Merry Holiday Party Hat Hat
Jolly Holiday Party Hat Hat
Elegant Winter Hat Hat
Red Winter Hood Hat
Green Winter Hood Hat
Black Leopard Santa Cap Hat
Nice Winter Hat Hat
Pink Winter Hood Hat
Icy Dance Hat Hat
Snow Crystal Accessory Hair Decoration
White Snowboard Goggles Hat
Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Snowboard Suit Casual Clothes
Rudolph Vest Casual Clothes
Light Blue Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Black Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Pink Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
White Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Snow Wear Casual Clothes
Heart Snowboard Suit Casual Clothes
Santa Disguise Sweater Casual Clothes
Bad Santa Disguise Sweater Casual Clothes
Punk Christmas Look Casual Clothes
Stylish Christmas Look Casual Clothes
Christmas Dress Casual Clothes
White Christmas Look Casual Clothes
Black Punk Christmas Look Casual Clothes
Blue Scarf Snowman Suit Casual Clothes
Black Scarf Snowman Suit Casual Clothes
Orange Scarf Snowman Suit Casual Clothes
Pink Scarf Snowman Suit Casual Clothes
Festive Christmas Outfit Casual Clothes
Cocoa Gingerbread Body Casual Clothes
Rudolph Outfit Casual Clothes
Snowman Outfit Casual Clothes
Gingerbread Body Casual Clothes
Merry Holiday Party Clothes Casual Clothes
Jolly Holiday Party Clothes Casual Clothes
Winter Snowboard Suit Casual Clothes
Elegant Winter Clothing Casual Clothes
Red Winter Tunic Casual Clothes
Green Winter Tunic Casual Clothes
Black Leopard Santa Sweater Casual Clothes
Nice Winter Clothing Casual Clothes
Pink Winter Tunic Casual Clothes
Icy Dance Outfit Casual Clothes
Blue Punk Christmas Look Casual Clothes
Pink Punk Christmas Look Casual Clothes
White Christmas Dress Casual Clothes
Santa Gloves Gloves
Snowboard Gloves Gloves
Rudolph Gloves Gloves
Santa Disguise Gloves Gloves
Bad Santa Disguise Gloves Gloves
Black Santa Gloves Gloves
Pink Santa Gloves Gloves
White Santa Gloves Gloves
Snow Wear Gloves Gloves
Light Blue Santa Gloves Gloves
Heart Snowboard Gloves Gloves
Blue Snowman Gloves Gloves
Black Snowman Gloves Gloves
Orange Snowman Gloves Gloves
Pink Snowman Gloves Gloves
Festive Christmas Gloves Gloves
Cocoa Gingerbread Hands Gloves
Rudolph Gloves Gloves
Snowman Gloves Gloves
Gingerbread Hands Gloves
Merry Holiday Party Gloves Gloves
Jolly Holiday Party Gloves Gloves
Elegant Winter Gloves Gloves
Winter Gloves Gloves
Green Winter Gloves Gloves
Black Leopard Santa Gloves Gloves
Nice Winter Gloves Gloves
Pink Winter Gloves Gloves
Icy Dance Gloves Gloves
Santa Boots Shoes
Snowboard Boots Shoes
Rudolph Boots Shoes
Bad Santa Disguise Boots Shoes
Santa Disguise Boots Shoes
Black Santa Boots Shoes
Pink Santa Boots Shoes
White Santa Boots Shoes
Snow Wear Boots Shoes
Heart Snowboard Boots Shoes
Light Blue Santa Boots Shoes
Winter Snowboard Boots Shoes
Punk Christmas Boots Boots
Stylish Christmas Boots Boots
Blue Snowman Boots Shoes
Black Snowman Boots Shoes
Orange Snowman Boots Shoes
Pink Snowman Boots Shoes
Festive Christmas Boots Shoes
Cocoa Gingerbread Feet Shoes
Rudolph Boots Shoes
Snowman Boots Shoes
Gingerbread Feet Shoes
Merry Holiday Party Shoes Shoes
Jolly Holiday Party Shoes Shoes
Nice Winter Shoes Shoes
Elegant Winter Shoes Shoes
Red Winter Boots Shoes
Green Winter Boots Shoes
Black Leopard Santa Boots Shoes
Pink Winter Boots Shoes
Icy Dance Shoes Shoes
Santa Christmas Bag Bag
Christmas Wreath Backshield
Snowflake Backshield
Gingerbread Man Backshield
Gingerbread Bag Bag
Snowman Bag Bag
Christmas Ribbon Back Decoration
Cuddling Ice Spirit Backpack Bag
Festive Fairy Wing Wings
Snow Weapon Effect Weapon Effect
Snow Weapon Effect Weapon Effect
Snow Death Effect Death Effect
Snow Death Effect Death Effect
Ice Spirit Pet Pet Skin
Reindeer Pet Pet Skin
Lunaris Bear Pet Pet Skin
Snow Cone Pet Pet Skin
Rudolph Santa Pet Pet Skin
Snow Abomination Pet Pet Skin
Candy Cane Duals Dual Swords
Candy Cane Gun Gun
Candy Cane Katar Katar
Christmas Bell Launcher Launcher
Candy Cane Staff Magic Staff
Candy Cane Sword One-Handed Sword
Snowflake Wand Magic Wand
Christmas Tree Sword One-Handed Sword
Festive Candy Cane Offhand Accessory
Snowman Toy Offhand Accessory
Wishing Star Offhand Accessory
Jingle Bell Offhand Accessory
Gingerbread Shop Coupon Time Coupon
Snowman Shop Coupon Time Coupon
Santa Frame Cart Body
Santa Skis Cart Wheel
Penguin Cannon Mount Mount
Rudolph Santa Morph Mount