Pumpkin Chest

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Item Mall

Pumpkin Chest can be purchased from the Item Mall for 10 AruaPoints during the Halloween Event.

Item Bag Contains

Pumpkin Chest is an Item Bag that will give a random item from the ones listed below.

Item Name Classification
Skeleton Mask Mask
Devil Mask Mask
Frankenstein Mask Mask
Voodoo Mask Mask
Mummy Mask Mask
Witch's Nose & Chin Mask
Spooky Scarecrow Mask Mask
Reaper Head Hat
Lunar Keeper Head Hat
Devil Head Hat
Frankenhead Hat
Wicked Headpiece Hat
Half Pumpkin Cap Hat
Halloween Dress Hat Hat
Astronaut Helmet Hat
Alien Head Hat
Pirate Hat Hat
Bear Head Hat
Koala Head Hat
Witch Hat Hat
Cat Head Hat
Love Story Cap Hat
Purple Witch Hat Hat
Carved Pumpkin Hat Hat
Halloween Look Hat Hat
Wolf Head Hat
Winter Walker Head Hat
Halloween Ribbon Hair Decoration
Happy Ghost Hat Hat
Frozen Corpse Hat Hat
Small Pumpkin Cap Hair Decoration
Pumpkin Cap Hat
Jack Lantern Hat Hat
Wizard's Hat Hat
Halloween Hat Hat
Black Widow Hat Hat
Clown Head Hat
Master's Hat Hat
Purple Halloween Hat Hat
Spooky Scarecrow Hat Hat
Halloween Witch Hat Hat
Red Halloween Hat Hat
Orange Halloween Devil Hat Hat
Red Halloween Devil Hat Hat
Pumpkin Wizard Hat Hat
Jack o'lantern Head Hat
Purple Halloween Devil Hat Hat
Devil Suit Casual Clothes
Frankensuit Casual Clothes
Mummy Wrap Casual Clothes
Vampire Body Casual Clothes
Werewolf Fur Casual Clothes
Wicked Robes Casual Clothes
Zombie Flesh Casual Clothes
Halloween Dress Casual Clothes
Astronaut Suit Casual Clothes
Alien Suit Casual Clothes
Master's Dress Casual Clothes
Love Story Costume Casual Clothes
Winter Walker Body Casual Clothes
Pirate Coat Casual Clothes
Bear Suit Casual Clothes
Bounty Hunter Armor Casual Clothes
Purple Bunny Suit Casual Clothes
Koala Suit Casual Clothes
Cat Suit Casual Clothes
Witch Dress Casual Clothes
Halloween Look Casual Clothes
Purple Witch Dress Casual Clothes
Pumpkin Suit Casual Clothes
Bat Suit Casual Clothes
Vampire Hunter Suit Casual Clothes
Wolf Suit Casual Clothes
Frozen Corpse Costume Casual Clothes
Halloween Suit Casual Clothes
Halloween Attire Casual Clothes
Black Widow Clothing Casual Clothes
Purple Halloween Attire Casual Clothes
Spooky Scarecrow Outfit Casual Clothes
Bandaged Costume Casual Clothes
Light Pumpkin Suit Casual Clothes
Red Halloween Attire Casual Clothes
Orange Halloween Devil Suit Casual Clothes
Red Halloween Devil Suit Casual Clothes
Pumpkin Wizard Coat Casual Clothes
Jack o'lantern Tunic Casual Clothes
Purple Halloween Devil Suit Casual Clothes
Devil Hands Gloves
Frankenhands Gloves
Mummy Hands Gloves
Vampire Hands Gloves
Werewolf Claws Gloves
Wicked Gloves Gloves
Zombie Hands Gloves
Astronaut Gloves Gloves
Alien Gloves Gloves
Pirate Gloves Gloves
Bear Paws Gloves
Koala Paws Gloves
Wolf Gloves Gloves
Cat Gloves Gloves
Love Story Hands Gloves
Winter Walker Hands Gloves
Vampire Hunter Gloves Gloves
Master's Gloves Gloves
Pumpkin Wizard Gloves Gloves
Jack o'lantern Gloves Gloves
Purple Halloween Devil Gloves Gloves
Frozen Corpse Gloves Gloves
Halloween Gloves Gloves
Black Widow Gloves Gloves
Purple Halloween Gloves Gloves
Spooky Scarecrow Gloves Gloves
Red Halloween Gloves Gloves
Orange Halloween Devil Gloves Gloves
Red Halloween Devil Gloves Gloves
Devil Feet Shoes
Frankenfeet Shoes
Mummy Feet Shoes
Vampire Feet Shoes
Werewolf Paws Shoes
Wicked Boots Shoes
Zombie Feet Shoes
Astronaut Shoes Shoes
Alien Shoes Shoes
Winter Walker Feet Shoes
Pirate Boots Shoes
Bear Feet Shoes
Koala Feet Shoes
Bounty Hunter Boots Shoes
Purple Bunny Shoes Shoes
Cat Shoes Shoes
Witch Shoes Shoes
Purple Witch Shoes Shoes
Pumpkin Jester Shoes Shoes
Bat Shoes Shoes
Pumpkin Shoes Shoes
Master's Shoes Shoes
Halloween Look Shoes Shoes
Love Story Shoes Shoes
Wolf Shoes Shoes
Frozen Corpse Shoes Shoes
Halloween Shoes Shoes
Black Widow Shoes Shoes
Purple Halloween Shoes Shoes
Spooky Scarecrow Shoes Shoes
Red Halloween Shoes Shoes
Orange Halloween Devil Shoes Shoes
Red Halloween Devil Shoes Shoes
Pumpkin Wizard Boots Shoes
Jack o'lantern Boots Shoes
Purple Halloween Devil Shoes Shoes
Pumpkin Wing Wings
Coffin of the Undead Backshield
Ghost Backpack Bag
Coffin Backshield Backshield
Dracula Cape Back Decoration
Bat Cape Back Decoration
Mini Ghost Spirit Backshield
Mini Ghost Spirit Duo Backshield
Mini Ghost Spirit Trio Backshield
Mummy Spirit Backpack Bag
Lucky Ghost Aura Back Decoration
Leopard Dracula Cape Back Decoration
Zombie Spirit Backpack Bag
Vampire Cape Back Decoration
Halloween Bats Back Decoration
White Coffin Backshield Backshield
Bat Weapon Effect Weapon Effect
Zombie Spirit Pet Pet Skin
Skeleton Pet Pet Skin
Spooky Ghost Pet Pet Skin
Lucky Ghost Pet Pet Skin
Hallowed Pumpkin Pet Pet Skin
BloodBat Pet Pet Skin
Halloween Spider Pet Pet Skin
Halloween Tree Sword One-Handed Sword
Chainsaw Two-Handed Sword
Halloween Wand Magic Wand
Pumpkin Wand Magic Wand
Imp Staff Magic Staff
Halloween Staff Magic Staff
Jack Lantern Shield Shield
Vampire's Desire Magic Item
Vampire Blood Potion
Vampire Tears Potion
Halloween Tree Magic Item
Firecracker - Ghost Magic Item
Firecracker - Happy Halloween Magic Item
Firecracker - Trick Or Treat Magic Item
Pumpkin Shop Coupon Time Coupon
Pumpkin Frame Cart Body
Pumpkin Engine Cart Engine
Pumpkin Wheels Cart Wheel
Candle Ghost Coffin Mount
Flying Broom Mount
Spooky Ghost Coffin Mount
Lucky Ghost Coffin Mount
Candle Ghost Mount Mount
Kera Spider Mount Mount
Reaper Ghost Morph Mount
Skeleton Morph Mount
Spooky Ghost Mount Mount
Zombie Spirit Morph Mount