Clan Activity

The following shows the latest 10 actions for the NoBrainer clan.

Date Activity
2019-02-16 TheSTeeL left the clan.
2019-01-10 TheSTeeL was invited by 1xx4xx1.
2019-01-10 Drill was invited by 1xx4xx1.
2019-01-02 2500 left the clan.
2019-01-02 2500 was invited by 1xx4xx1.
2018-10-23 1xx4xx1 created the NoBrainer clan.

Clan Members

The following are the current members within the NoBrainer clan.

Player Name Job Contribution Position Last Seen
1xx4xx1 Raider 0 Master 2019-01-14
Drill Cleric 0 Junior 2019-01-15