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Welcome to the AruaArmory!

The Armory is currently being updated and may temporarily look visually unappealing! Core features should still work without problems.

AruaArmory is a vast searchable database containing items, planets, maps, npcs, monsters, calculators, guides and player rankings. It pulls information straight from the live servers, so it's the most comprehensive and up-to-date database on everything AruaROSE.

AruaArmory gives you an indepth view into the game mechanics, such as:

  • Which items can be dropped by killing a monster.
  • Which items can be crafted by a Dealer.
  • Which items can be purchased in an NPCs shop.
  • What monsters currently spawn in the world of AruaROSE.
  • Locations of monster and NPC spawn points.
  • Multiple ways to rank players: Job, Level, and GamerScore.
  • Multiple ways to rank clans: Contribution, Level and Points.
  • Clan and Player overviews.

You may find that items you may expect to be listed may not be shown. This is usually items which are specifically dropped by a monsters AI (therefore not in the drop tables), aren't crafted or able to be purchased at an NPC. We often use this method to drop unique or rare items.

You may also find some monsters not listed. Some monsters will spawn from another monsters AI so will not have set spawn locations. We often use this method to spawn rare monsters such as Bosses or Kings.