Item Name Description
Oro Arms
Armored Beetle Arms Castle Gear arms that resembles a beetle.
Armored Beetle Blades Arm weapons designed to puncture and scrape castle walls.
Wooden Punch Arms Basic Castle Gear weapon designed to punch.
Punch Arms Basic Castle Gear weapon designed to punch.
Drill Arms Extremely noisy arm weapons designed to drill holes in castles or into the ground.
Sword Wheel Arms Arm weapons designed to raze castles or destroy huge trees.
Cannon Arms Arm cannons designed for long distance attacks.
Spear Arms Arm weapons that provide strong close range attacks with a spear, and defence with a shield.
Black Wooden Punch Arms
Blue Wooden Punch Arms
Green Wooden Punch Arms
Pink Wooden Punch Arms
Purple Wooden Punch Arms
Red Wooden Punch Arms
White Wooden Punch Arms
Yellow Wooden Punch Arms
Black Punch Arms
Blue Punch Arms
Green Punch Arms
Pink Punch Arms
Purple Punch Arms
Red Punch Arms
White Punch Arms
Yellow Punch Arms
Black Sword Wheel Arms
Blue Sword Wheel Arms
Green Sword Wheel Arms
Pink Sword Wheel Arms
Purple Sword Wheel Arms
Red Sword Wheel Arms
White Sword Wheel Arms
Yellow Sword Wheel Arms
Black Cannon Arms
Blue Cannon Arms
Green Cannon Arms
Pink Cannon Arms
Purple Cannon Arms
Red Cannon Arms
White Cannon Arms
Yellow Cannon Arms
Black Spear Arms
Blue Spear Arms
Green Spear Arms
Pink Spear Arms
Purple Spear Arms
Red Spear Arms
White Spear Arms
Yellow Spear Arms
Black Drill Arms
Blue Drill Arms
Green Drill Arms
Pink Drill Arms
Purple Drill Arms
Red Drill Arms
White Drill Arms
Yellow Drill Arms
Oro Black Arms
Oro Blue Arms
Oro Green Arms
Oro Pink Arms
Oro Purple Arms
Oro Yellow Arms
Oro White Arms