Item Name Description
Stand Leg An older type of Castle Gear leg that is barely capable of walking.
Runihol Leg Castle Gear legs that are capable of movement, but aren`t built efficiently enough for running.
Black Stand Leg
Blue Stand Leg
Green Stand Leg
Pink Stand Leg
Purple Stand Leg
Red Stand Leg
White Stand Leg
Oro Leg
Yellow Stand Leg
Black Runihol Leg
Blue Runihol Leg
Green Runihol Leg
Pink Runihol Leg
Purple Runihol Leg
Red Runihol Leg
White Runihol Leg
Yellow Runihol Leg
Oro Black Leg
Oro Blue Leg
Oro Green Leg
Oro Pink Leg
Oro Purple Leg
Oro Yellow Leg
Oro White Leg
Armored Beetle Leg A Castle Gear leg that resembles a beetle.
Molten Runihol Leg This Leg was previously a Runihol Leg but has changed form due to the hazardous Oro temperatures.
Hydraulic Leg