Magic Tool

Item Name Attack Power Attack Speed Job Requirement
   Book of Standards
    Oriental Drum Intelligence 20
    Book of Concentration Intelligence 30
    Book of Charm Intelligence 40
    Mythical Flute Intelligence 50
    Elven Anthology Intelligence 60
    Basic Encyclopedia Intelligence 70
    Magic Mirror Intelligence 80
    Shadow Mirror Intelligence 90
    Mana Stone Intelligence 100
    Rune Stone Intelligence 110
   Cubic Sceptre Intelligence 120
  Holy Sceptre Intelligence 130
  Meteoric Sceptre Intelligence 140
  Elven Harp Intelligence 150
  Lunatic Candy Bar Intelligence 165
  Bang Bang Tree Leaf Intelligence 180
  Eye of Storm Intelligence 200
  Orb of Rage Intelligence 220
  Orb of Abyss Intelligence 240
  Mystic Shell Intelligence 260
  Focusing Skull Max MP 900
   Magic Tool of Spearmint
  Enchanting Heart Intelligence 280